Top Joint Pain Formula

Some Joint Pain Sufferers Believe that a Top Joint Pain Formula is Only Available by Prescription

Joint pain can certainly change a normal life into a world of agony, especially if the joint pain is caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis, the Gout, or Osteoarthritis. Sports injuries can also cause serious joint pain, and most people believe the only way to alleviate the pain associated with those causes is through prescription medications.

Some professionals in the medical profession think the top joint pain formula should contain synthetic COX-2 inhibitors like Celebrex, and other professionals claim that Opioid medications like OxyContin, Percodan, Percocet, Darvon, and Darvocet are the most effective arthritis relievers and should be considered the top joint pain formula options.

Corticosteroids are also top joint pain formula choices because Prednisone, Cortan, Deltasone, and Liquid Pred reduce joint inflammation by suppressing the adrenal glands. When the adrenal glands are suppressed natural steroids are produced that ease joint pain, but corticosteroids should not be used for an extended periods of time.

Other specialists say that these top joint pain formula options should not be considered top joint pain formula solutions because the side effects associated with their use can be serious. The only synthetic COX-2 inhibitor left on the market is Celebrex, the other two, Vioxx and Bextra, were recalled because new studies identified a higher risk of strokes and heart attacks when they were used for an extended period of time.

Most joint pain specialists now realize that the body responds better when natural ingredients are used to stimulate gland activity as well as additional amino acid secretion. These specialists believe that a top joint pain relief formula must contain natural COX-2 inhibitors as well as vitamins, herbs, and minerals that can stimulate the body naturally.

A Natural Top Joint Pain Relief Formula Produces Results Without Side Effects

The biggest issue with all the so-called top joint pain relief formula options available with or without a prescription is the side effects. The side effects can be just as devastating as the joint pain.

Several professionals recommend the ingredients in one natural supplement, and that supplement has been called the top joint pain relief formula by people suffering from chronic joint pain. Synotrex contains all natural COX-2 inhibitors as well as essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are known to stimulate natural amino acid secretion as well as gland production. This assists in reducing inflammation, redness, swelling, and pain.

When Synotrex is combined with physical therapy and a healthy diet, the results are dramatic. Some Synotrex users experience results without side effects within three months. To read more about this top joint pain relief formula visit: